The Low Down
"A photo is worth a thousand words". I don't think so. More like 10,000 words! So each photo that tells your company’s story is critically important. For over 13 years, I’ve created stories for companies and individuals with my commercial photography and video production. Visual stories infused with passion and craft that reflect the branding and style of your business, helping you stand out from the rest of the market. But don't worry, after all this time, I haven't lost sight of the most important aspect of storytelling; relating to people, listening to their needs, and making them feel completely comfortable and at ease. I thrive on helping your business win by telling your story in a powerful way.
Matthew Lemke
I'm an Austin commercial photographer and video producer with corporate, non-profit, and small business clients in the Central Texas area. I like to blend old fashion service and craftsmanship with contemporary stylings and concepts. Here are some of the services I can help you with:
  • Executive portraits
  • Corporate headshots
  • Actor and entertainer headshots
  • Business portraits
  • Studio photography
  • On-location photography
  • Environmental portraits
  • Lifestyle and advertising photography
  • Video production and editing

One warning: I'm not the cheap guy. I'm not the weekend warrior with the Costco camera kit. I show up for serious work (with a not-too-serious attitude), with the right crew and the right equipment. If you like working with a creative provider that cares about craft, attention to detail, and doing photography/video right, then I'm your guy.

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